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Company Profile. Our background

Managed Financial Services Corporation, Inc. is a Texas-based company established to provide comprehensive financial management services for educators, small and large businesses and individuals. Since 1986, the company has established a good record of sound management of retirement programs and has demonstrated the value of asset management in actual client accounts. The Managed Financial team has the expertise and experience you need to pursue your financial goals.

Over the years, clients across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii have chosen the active portfolio management offered by Managed Financial. The firm provides customized mutual fund portfolios, 401(k) portfolios, and asset allocation programs for its clients, based on each client’s specific objectives.

When it is time, the staff of Certified Estate Planners* (CEPs) and Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) uses the funds invested to assist you in increasing the quality of your life in retirement, minimizing taxes, and planning your estate distribution.

Managed Financial is registered to provide services in the following states: 

  • Louisiana
  • Texas
  • North Carolina