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Welcome to Managed Financial Services

Managed Financial Services Corporation, Inc., is a Texas-Based Registered Investment Adviser committed to helping clients achieve their short and long-term financial goals. Our primary goal is to preserve our client’s principal while maximizing returns consistent with their investment philosophy. The Managed Financial Services Corporation, Inc. team encourages you to explore our site and learn more about the extensive management services we offer.


As you browse our web page—the descriptions of our services, the informative newsletters, and helpful website links—we hope that you will consider us when you need qualified investment advisers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS THAT SPAN GENERATIONS. To that purpose, we have advisory services designed for individuals, pension plans, educators, businesses, and investors who seek and appreciate the value of money managers.

Employee Retirement Income

A 401(k) plan can help lay the groundwork for a comfortable retirement. By making pre-tax contributions, employees have an opportunity to reduce their current taxable income while saving for retirement. Some companies provide a matching contribution as an extra incentive for the employees to contribute. In-service distributions for certain hardships can be allowed, as well as first time home buyers.


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Employer Sponsored Plans

A SIMPLE IRA is a retirement plan for small businesses. Eligible employees may make elective-deferral contributions to their SIMPLE IRAs and the employer may elect to make either matching or non-elective contributions. Employer contributions are mandatory for each year that the SIMPLE IRA plan is maintained. To sponsor a SIMPLE, a business cannot have more than 100 eligible employees during the preceding calendar year.


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Regular Accounts

This type of account gives two or more people equal ownership of the account. Upon death the account allows either the surviving joint owner, or designated beneficiaries of the deceased owner, to receive the account instead of passing it into the estate. This type of account is registered in the name of a trust or trustee, using the trust’s tax ID number. This type is for Company accounts for cash management or longer-term assets.


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Retirement Accounts

A Traditional IRA is a tax-deferred retirement savings account. You pay taxes on your money only when you make withdrawals in retirement. Deferring taxes means all of your dividends, interest payments and capital gains can compound each year without being hindered by taxes – allowing an IRA to grow much faster than a taxable account. Traditional IRA contribution limits are subject to annual cost of living adjustments.


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