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Our Service Team.

Jonathan D Elston.jpg


Jonathan joined Managed Financial as an investment advisor representative in 2019. He has more than 10 years of experience in the Financial Industry that includes service in Real Estate, Mortgage Loan Origination, and in Investments. 


“I have found that clear, consistent two-way communication serves as an excellent foundation to stay in sync with clients as we focus on helping them reach their goals.”

Jonathan D. Elston

Steven B Hobbs.jpg


Steven Hobbs joined Managed Financial in 1999.  He has been in the client services business for over 40year with 20+ years’ experience in the investment industry.


“My experience in this industry has been working with the professional team at Managed Financial Services which allows me to have a personal relationship with clients while managing their portfolios.”

Steven B. Hobbs

Terence W King.jpg


Terence King joined Managed Financial in 2019.  His background in Mortgage Banking, Commercial Real Estate, and the Precious Metals Market, gives him unique insight into many aspects of the Investment Market. 


“Life can be complicated, the process of assisting people plan for their future should not add to their load.  By simplifying the process, the explanation, and the approach individuals can clearly identify their objectives with confidence.”

Terence W. King

Anthony W Sumrall.jpg


Anthony joined Managed Financial as an investment advisor representative in 2007. He has been in the Banking, Insurance, and Financial Industry for over 35 years. 


“My personal commitment is to guide each client through every phase of the retirement financial cycle (from inception to growth) and then the retirement plan initiation (the "harvesting phase").”

Anthony W. Sumrall

Richard H Walker.JPG


Since Managed Financial inception as an investment adviser in 1999, Richard has served as an investment advisor representative. He has over 29 years of experience in the financial industry.


“My client relationships are open and honest.  Understanding and meeting my client’s long-term goals are very important.  I strive to have a strong connection based on trust and communication which helps them feel more secure.”

Richard H. Walker

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